The first day of this blog!

Hi dear friends

I`m writing in English to those friends who Persian is not their language, and as here I also will write some of my experiences baout maternity life and after giving birth, about having the newborn, so I think may be they can be useful for somebody (I hope to be so). Some times reading the others story about the same situation that you alredy are in, makes you feel better. For me it always is usefull, gives some new ideas and help to manage the situation in the best way.

My dear friends this blog is started from today and I hope to be able to update it very often. If some mistakes in my English writing you find, I`ll be very glad if you let me know.

Bye till next Hi

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دوست من

سلام آخی.......مبارک باشه چه ماه خوبی به دنیا میاد ! ماه مهربونی و عاطفه قدمش مبارک وماندنی باشه به امید روزی که خودش این وبلاک دوست داشتنی مامان خوبش رو بخونه

دوست من

[گل][گل][گل][گل] سلام از آشنایی با وب زیبای شما خوشحالم کار خوبی کردی و به آقا پسرتون تبریک میگم با داشتن مامان به این خوبی![لبخند]