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At first day of this blog I said that some times I `ll write in English, but belive me that I don`t know which topic can be good. سوال                                               About pregnancy and babies, from  English websites every body can easily get much useful information than what I already know so I think its better I write about my experiences which I feel can be useful for some bodies. لبخند                               I`m in 33th weeks of pregnancy and 2 weeks ago my Dr. told me that my baby is in breech presentation and if he don`t change within 2 weeks I should think about having ceasarin, also the Dr suggested me special technique (cheast and knees) to do to help my baby to turn in head down presentation. But to be true I was worry about turning the baby`s cord around his neck and so I din`t do it, and intstead of that I slept on my left side more than right side ( based on the suggestion of a friend who had the same experience and the same fear).  I should mention that my baby`s average weight is higher than normal and I was thinking that possibly he has not enough space to turn. Everyday I was telling to him that it is time to turn and he shouln`t be worry about any thing, his mum (I) is ready for natural birth and doesn`t scare of anything.دروغگوچشمک                                                Surprisingly after 1 week he turned, and know we ( my husband and I)eagirly are waiting to see our sweet son. After 7 weeks (more and less) he will come and will make us very very happy and sure very busy.ماچبغل                                                      As another experience I should tell having night sweating which for me is started 2 days ago and as I find in web sites its normal during pregnancy and the best way to cope with it is to have a healthy lifestyle and also taking a cold shower befor going to bed can be helpful. I will inform it to my Dr. this Friday and if he say any special comment then I`ll tell.چشمک                                   بای بایBy till next Hi

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